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Glynna and I came to Your Pet's Choice more or less by accident. For more than 20 years I worked as a manager for a national grocery chain, while Glynna worked as a technical assistant and receptionist for a local veterinarian. Our love of animals was well known among our friends and acquaintances, as we were particularly fond of our cats and pugs. At one point, we were also raising cockatiels, and our interest in all kinds of animals, pet sitting, and pets seemed to grow stronger every year.

In 1987, a friend who ran an in-home pet-sitting service contacted us about the idea of dog walking and cat sitting. At first, we thought the idea of an in-home pet care business was a little offbeat. After all, when people traveled for work or vacation, they usually put their animals into a kennel or relied on friends or relatives to check on them. But we soon learned that a lot of people didn't like using kennels, which are expensive and sometimes expose dogs and cats to numerous health problems, including vermin infestation, worms, kennel cough, and dietary-related illnesses. Plus, kennels are often filled to capacity, especially during the holiday seasons.

Moreover, we found that a lot of people in the Arlington area just didn't have large families or groups of reliable friends to help them with their pets. We quickly discovered that many people who travel in their work on a frequent basis needed regular care for their animals, sometimes for a week or longer. When added to holiday travelers, people who might need to be away for a family or personal emergencies, and people who simply worked long hours and needed someone to look in on their animals while they were away, the demand for an in-home cat and dog sitting service was obvious. We knew from our own experience with our pets that a large number of animals require special diets, medications, multiple "walks," and the kind of attention only a caring, in-home service can provide. So it was not a surprise when we learned that many veterinarians recommended our service to their patients' owners, pointing out the tremendous advantages of keeping Rover and Kitty at home where they are comfortable in their own territories, rather than traumatizing them by locking them in a cage for days at a time. Give your furry family member a happy, comfortable place to stay while you are away by contacting us now at (817) 561-2700 in Kennedale, Texas, to ask about our dog and cat sitting services.

On a Personal Level

Our interest in animals at Your Pet's Choice continues to develop as well. We are presently owners of seven pugs, many of which have come to us through the DFW Pug Rescue Club, and we stay in close touch with other humane organizations devoted to the salvation and placement of lost and abandoned animals in people's homes. We have established Internet connections with national and international pet-sitting associations, and we regularly exchange information and educational data to make our service better and better. We are, in short, "animal people," "pet people," and we understand and promote the psychological and emotional welfare that always comes when one is attached to a loyal and loving pet.

We are also devoted to our clients' animals. Even though holidays and special events sometimes crowd our schedule, we make sure that every animal we visit is given more than just food, water, and a change of litter or a quick turn out of doors. We offer a bit of play, a rub around the ears, and a soothing, friendly voice to assure them that even though their masters are away, they aren't forgotten or neglected. Additional benefits of our dog and cat sitting service are that your homes are inspected for problems while you are away. We have often alerted folks of problems with water leakage, appliance failure, storm damage, and many other problems that always seem to crop up when a homeowner is away.

We aren't picky about the animals we care for. In addition to dogs and cats and birds, we take care of horses, hamsters, fish, and ferrets, although we do require that some of these be well contained in their pet houses and homes! We follow instructions to the letter and go well beyond what's required to make sure that every animal entrusted to our care receives the maximum love and attention anyone short of their owners can offer.

In short, we love animals, and we love our work! At Your Pet's Choice we're devoted to making sure that "your pet's choice" is also the best possible choice anyone can make when they are away, and their loving pets await their return.

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